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Affordable packaging ideas for start-up's and small businesses

Affordable packaging ideas for start-up's and small businesses

So its 2021 and you're starting your business but the packaging is breaking the bank? Fear not, Printee Planet are here to give you some affordable ideas that look fantastic!

Are you a product-based business, trying to find packaging that doesn’t break the bank? We are here to give you some tips to create some cute branded packaging on a budget.

  1. Use stickers or labels

When starting a company, there often isn’t enough money available yet to buy some cute packaging with your brand logo printed on it. We understand that, so we suggest using a sticker or label instead. Try buying a plain box and applying your company's logo and/or website as a sticker to achieve that branded packaging look. 

  1. Use packaging fillers

We define packaging fillers as things such as; packaging peanuts, tissue paper, and shredded paper. All of these are a great way to add an extra special touch to your packaging and give it a more premium and professional look.

  1. Add a compliment card or business card

We love compliment & business cards. These cards allow you to speak to your customers even after you’ve sent out the package. They provide you an opportunity to remind customers to visit your website or give them an exclusive discount code. All of the biggest brands use them, they are a must-have and relatively cheap too! You can also customize them by leaving a space on the card to handwrite your customers' names. You can get some here on our website. 

  1. Use a stamp

Stamps are kind of like the stickers. They are easy to use and you can get them customized to look like your brand logo or website domain. A stamp can be used to brand tissue paper, cards, or the outside of the packaging. 

  1. Make packaging labels on your computer 

Handwritten labels are okay, but an address and postal code typed out on your computer make all the difference. Purchase some matt adhesive stickers and print out your customers' postal details on these stickers then trim them and stick them on your packages. This makes all the difference in providing your customers a professional experience on a budget!

  1. Use branded tape

The branded tape can be an awesome game changer. You can purchase custom tape from places such as printed with your company logo or design elements and use it to seal your package. This means as soon as your customer sees the package they will have no doubt it's from you! An affordable and effective way to spruce up your packages.


We hope this has been helpful! If you have enjoyed these tips, please share them with your friends and other business owners to help them out too!