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Design Services

The why

Here at Printee Planet, we understand the value of great design. After all when you are printing your custom products you want your client to be wowed, and hey, we want that for you too.

Due to this, we offer our clients a design service to help give all of their products the wow-factor they are looking for.

The what

The design services we offer are available for all of our product range and custom orders. 

Design Packages

We offer 3 design packages for our clients:

  1. The Essentials - this includes, using pre-supplied text and images to create a document or replicate something that already exists.
  2. The Upgrade - this includes creating a bespoke design, curated specifically for the client with their current branding. 
  3. The Printee Touch - Use our pre-designed templates and simply add your company logo or colours. Examples are available upon request. 

If you are interested in our design services, please fill in the contact form below with your desired needs and we will get back to you within 24hours.