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Reasons you still need a business card in 2021

Reasons you still need a business card in 2021

In this social media era, where your instagram account is like a digital business card, are physical business cards still relevant? Printee Planet say absolutely! Find out why!

So you may be wondering in this digital world, what need is there having a business card? Wouldn’t it be easier to just send someone an email or share my social media platforms?

Well, although social media is extremely useful in helping others to get in touch with you, business cards are still a powerful tool that should be used. Here is why:

  1. They help to reveal your brand identity

Your business card provides a window into your brand identity. It tells everyone who you are. From the colour of the paper to the paperweight, lamination, and design, it gives clients a first impression of your business. Have you ever been handed a velvet laminated business card that made you say oh-la-la once you touched it? Yes, see you remember! This is what we are talking about. So if you want to create an initial lasting impression business cards are just what you need.

  1. They are readily accessible

Although we are in a digital age, it is also true that not everyone has access to digital platforms or may have access to them at your point of the meeting. Therefore whether you in a forest or on top of a ski slope, your business card will be available to give out.

  1. They help your business look professional

A business card demonstrates that your business is legitimate and you have taken time to think about important factors such as networking. It helps those you meet know you are well prepared and builds a sense of trust right from the start.

  1. They are an easy and simple marketing tool

Many markets are over-saturated and so many businesses are looking for unique ways to put their best foot forward in the marketing space. Handing out a business card is a simple, easy and effective way to get your business in front of a fresh pair of eyes and use your business card as a promotional item. 

  1. They help your business to grow

Due to all of the factors mentioned above, business cards are still a great way to help your business grow. They are an easy way to share your contact details with others, a great tool to help you break your business into new spaces. 

We hope you have found this helpful. If you are interested in purchasing some business cards for your own business, feel free to request a quote from us.