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Re-opening your business safely after COVID-19 lockdown

Re-opening your business safely after COVID-19 lockdown

Lockdown is coming to an end and businesses all over the UK are preparing to open their doors for service again. Find out how Printee Planet can help you to open safely.
As the COVID-19 restrictions are lifting, the doors of businesses, schools, and other institutions are re-opening. We understand that there are government guidelines for the safe re-opening of these facilities and it's important we adhere to them. So whether you need to give clients health and safety reminders or provide personal protective equipment, we’ve got you!

NHS Coronavirus Posters

It is important to be aware of COVID-19 and remind people to stay at home if they are experiencing any symptoms. Therefore, we are giving out FREE posters, to anyone who wants them.

Face Masks & Face Visors

Face masks will still be a requirement, so be sure to have spares for your staff members and customers. Our masks are high-quality and medical grade so safe for use. Our face Visors are made from 400mic PVC and create a physical barrier between droplets and other people. Our PVC visors come with an adjustable strap to fit most head sizes. These face visors are a great option for those who may not use masks or work in healthcare settings.


If your business has been closed during the lockdown period, your local clients may be unaware you are open again. Leaflets are a great way to send through the post to your clients, to let them know about your opening days, opening hours, and service offering!

Roller Banners

Rollers banners are a great way to provide important information to your clients that you would otherwise need to repeat. They are also a great safety measure in businesses such as hair salons to create social distancing and they aren’t such an eye-sore as a regular opaque banner. We have both regular opaque regular banners and also transparent roller banners too.

We have created a range of bundles here for schools, businesses, religious establishments, and more. Take a look and feel free to email us and we will be happy to curate a custom package for you.