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The Love Book

  • £40.00
Tax included.

Capture and preserve your love story with The Love Book! This photobook for couples is the perfect keepsake for your memories. Share your unique journey in a fun and quirky way. (Cue the cheesy couple puns!) Create a lasting memento of your love that you'll treasure for years to come.

This photobook includes:
- 32 pages of high quality gloss photo pages
- Velvet (soft-touch) cover

To Order:
- Simply upload all your photos, titling your desired cover photo as cover
- you will receive a draft back to confirm your happy
- a minimum of 28 pictures is permitted
- Maximum 60 pictures 

Frequently asked questions

All of our orders are processed within 24hours and will be with you within 3-4 working days. Please be cautious if your wedding is close to ensure your items arrive on time.

Yes, we do provide templates you can access them on a google drive form here.

The size of the sign is usually based on a customers preference. For welcome signs, we suggest using a sign that will be big enough for your guests to read - A1 is usually the best for this. For seating charts our recommendations are as follows:

What size seating chart do I need?

Size Guide:
- 0 - 100 guests (A2 Board)
- 101 - 200 guests (A1 Board)
- 201 - 300+ guests (A0 Board)

What will my seating chart to printed on?

Printed onto Foamex board:
- A2 Printed on 3mm Foamex
- A1 printed on 5mm Foamex
- A0 printed on 10mm Foamex

We do not offer proofs due to the volume of orders we receive. We suggest you ensure all information provided to us is accurate and complete. Our work is carried out by sophisticated technology and then it is accuracy checked by our production team. So, you're in safe hands!